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Toxic Trivia®

Toxic Trivia® is an "alternative trivia game" to our regular Team Trivia® offering. It contains mature or "adult" themes and player discretion……IS ADVISED! Toxic Trivia® represents an overall "edgier" product for your bar; concentrating more on entertaining a late-night younger crowd and providing fun and laughs; rather than being a competitive trivia offering. It consists of an eighteen (18) question game and is designed to keep players in your bar for a two (2) hour period. This is our product that has that "wow factor" with an audience and gets players talking about this to their friends and co-workers during the next day. Our research has shown that Toxic Trivia draws a younger demographic than our Team Trivia game product; who generally spend more money in your bar on food and premium labeled shots!

Since many Toxic Trivia players tend to be smokers, we encourage our hosts to work with the individual bar management and offer an extended halftime to allow for "smoke breaks" for your customers who come in to play this game; if desired.

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Toxic Trivia
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  • Always FREE to play
  • MATURE themed content...Player Discretion is advised!!
  • Fun for all adults not easily embarrassed
  • Variation of trivia games played in a team format
  • Winning Teams receive House Cash