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Current League Season: 07/30/2018 to 12/31/2018    
League Scores are in BOLD

Results for Team ID: 10007

Northern California Black Friday in Paradise Fire Sale Old Chicago 11/27/2018 85
These Giblets are offal Old Chicago 11/20/2018 84
Devil's Triangle Drinking Team Old Chicago 10/16/2018 79
A BIG LEAGUE OF HER OWN Old Chicago 12/18/2018 69
Going as Sexy Donald Trump for Halloween Old Chicago 10/30/2018 65
SONIC BURGER W/X-TRA SAUCE Old Chicago 12/11/2018 63
Bigfoot Porn in Every Pot Old Chicago 07/31/2018 63
Moose Make Angry Drunks Old Chicago 08/14/2018 61
Grabbed her by the Corgi Old Chicago 10/23/2018 58
The Alphabet still has more W's Than Nebraska Old Chicago 09/18/2018 57
Amish Uber: There's No App for that Old Chicago 08/07/2018 53
How do you spend $712 at Loaf & Jug Old Chicago 08/21/2018 42
Oh Noes, They Be Stealin' My Bukkit Old Chicago 10/09/2018 32
Fracking the Vacuum Old Chicago 09/04/2018 29
I Came On Eileen Improper City 08/25/2018 5