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Current League Season: 01/01/2018 to 06/17/2018    
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Results for Team ID: 10007

You Don't need a security clearance to read Fake News Old Chicago 02/27/2018 80
Putin Poisoning in the Park Old Chicago 03/13/2018 79
At least Certified Emotional Support Minature Horses are Still OK Old Chicago 05/15/2018 77
Donald TrumpFinally Pulled Out of Something Old Chicago 05/08/2018 76
Toys Old Chicago 03/27/2018 70
Teslaaas Innnnn Spaaaaace Old Chicago 02/06/2018 67
That's not What Taint Teams Means, Mr. President Old Chicago 04/17/2018 66
I'm giving up love for lent Old Chicago 02/13/2018 65
It Brings the Room Together Old Chicago 03/06/2018 65
I Came On Eileen Old Chicago 01/02/2018 64
Breaking unions, one letter at a time Old Chicago 01/30/2018 64
We are here to service your unit Old Chicago 05/22/2018 61
Colorado Pride Week: The Entire State is Flaming Old Chicago 06/12/2018 60
Geniuses wobble by they don't fall down Old Chicago 01/09/2018 49
Starbucks is closed in honor of Roseanne getting fired Old Chicago 05/29/2018 40
Tide Pods: Cleansing the Gene Pool Old Chicago 01/16/2018 39